My passion for diamonds began 33 years ago, whilst studying for my degree in geology and gemology at King’s College London. The desire to work with this most treasured and precious gem took me to Antwerp to work in the diamond industry, working for the World’s oldest diamond company. In Antwerp, I acquired a wealth of experience and knowledge sorting, grading and dealing in the finest polished diamonds. In the diamond Bourses of Antwerp and London I met and dealt with some of the the great characters of the diamond world and by supplying fine diamonds to the UK’s  best known jewellery retailers and designers and consulting with Britain’s top jewellery craftsmen, I soon built up a precious understanding of the diamond jewellery business, a knowledge which I am passionate about sharing with my clients.


‘No two diamonds are alike’;  the parameters that define this truism are numerous, and it is my joy to be able to educate and convey my passion for diamonds to my clients in order to help them discover the unique gemological qualities held by diamonds.


‘Diamonds are like Angels. They cannot be made, you have to find them. Each one is unique’.