Welcome to Kernow Facets, a diamond company specialising in sourcing fine diamonds and creating inspirational handmade diamond and precious gemstone jewellery.

Working with Antwerp’s and London’s most prestigious diamond houses, Kernow Facets’ strength lies in its ability to pass on its knowledge and experience to clients on a personal, highly individual level. We bring the expertise and craftsmanship of our design jewellers directly to the client by personal consultation.

Ultimately, we are passionate about providing our clients with unique, hand-crafted diamond jewellery that not only inspires but will become a treasured investment for generations to come.

From Diamond Blog:

The 4C’s

The 4C’s : the inherent ‘fire’ and beauty of a diamond is only unleashed and observed after it has been cleverly crafted by a diamond cutter who has to polish tiny facets into the surface of the pebble-like rough gemstone. It is only then that......

The Allure of Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds! What’s all the fuss about? If, like me, you are passionate about diamonds and you like a splash of colour and, added to that, you value ‘rarity’, then natural pink diamonds are a topic worth exploring. Let’s start with ‘rarity’ and the reasons......

The Origin and Formation of Diamonds – Part 1

Recent scientific studies have discovered that diamonds were formed at least 990million years ago and that the oldest diamonds are as many as 4.25billion years old, thereby pre-dating the oldest forms of life on planet Earth. Diamonds represent a ‘time capsule’ – the most beautiful......